Our philosophy is based on making financial decisions with you, not for you. We spend a comparatively large volume of our time examining each client's situation, options, opportunities, and risks. First, we will help you understand the complexities, and then we will take action on your goals and objectives:

  • Retirement planning
  • Portfolio evaluation and restructuring
  • Investing
  • College planning

KeyBridge Financial, LLC, offers its clients continuous service around the clock and throughout the year:

  • Clients are encouraged to meet with their consultant at least twice a year.
  • Clients can call with questions or concerns regarding their plan.
  • Our website is a useful tool for education, as well as investment-related questions.
  • Clients can access their accounts 24/7.

Mission Statement 
To serve the investment needs of our clients in a professional manner through appropriate products and services, and to provide our clients with financial confidence.